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Tie Dyeing
Some excellent tie dyeing info can be found here: Erowid.org

Concentric circles

Concentric circle flag, 900x675, 65 Kb This is by far the simplest tie dyeing method. You need to pick the point on you fabric that you would like to be at the center of the circles. Pinch the fabri up at this point and as it hangs down wrap elastic bands or tie with sting at each point you want another circle. Dye each section a different colour.

Spiral Patterns

Spiral pattern test, 900x675, 103 Kb Spiral patterns are slightly harder than concentric circles, but you can produce great patterns.

Preparation to twist material for spiral pattern, 900x675, 95 Kb Lay you piece of material out flat on a surface and pick the center point using a pen or screwdriver, place it's point on the fabric and twist it in one direction so that the fabric winds up around it. The twisted material for spiral dying, 900x675, 61 Kb Keep twisting and guide the fabric with your other hand so that it forms a neat wound shape.

The ball of material tied off for dying, 900x675, 57 Kb Tie the material off with elastic bands or sting so that it is divided up into segments. (for a 4 colour pattern divide into quarters)

half way through the dying process, 900x675, 112 Kb Dye each segment a different colour. The tighter the rubberbands or string are the wider the gaps between colours will be.

Various spiral dyeing results
2 muslin flags, 900x675, 87 Kb Muslin flag, 900x675, 79 Kb Muslin flag, 900x675, 79 Kb

Other methods

Results of various dying techniques, 900x675, 78 Kb Top : Material folded in half then died by concentric circles method (not colours are weak cos this was make with the end of the dye.

Bottom : Pleats. Lay the material out flat and gather up in 1-2" pleats starting at one edge. When the material is all pleated, tie off at intervals, where every you want a new band of colour. Die betweeen where you have tied.

Right : Stip of material which has been folded into a triangle then the corner tied off and each part died different colours. Fold in from one corner,