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Peanut butter, wholegrain mustard and gherkin HOWTO
  • bread
  • butter
  • peanut butter
  • gherking
  • wholegrain mustard (optional)
Other useful items
  • toaster
  • knife
ingredients Advertising has been removed from the photo to avoid polluting your mind
toast Toasting
Toast your bread to as close to perfection as your toaster will allow
Spead some butter on each piece of bread. This helps stop you getting the peanut butter stuck to the top of the roof of your mouth problem.
peanut butter Peanut butter
Spead it as thick as you like on one or both the slices of bread.
Wholegrain mustard
A quick spread of mustard adds and extra dimension of flavour and a little extra crunch
gherkin Gherkin
Finally an nice juicy layer of Gherkin
And there we have it. The complete Peanut butter, wholegrain mustard and gherkin toasty.
Ask you local sandwich shop for one today.