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Funny and just plain bizarre
Absolution Online
Telephone bill
Atheism Logic & Fallacies
Barbie Torture
Vulcan gatling gun
Pets or Food?
Sheppy Scum
Jet powered beer cooler
Hobbit name generator
Magic Fairy's name
Spud gun
An easy URL to remeber
Grass the card game
Lego Death
Little Jonny in class
Iguana Throwing case
Hatten ar Din
Lemon64 - C64 stuff
Insanity test
Davros and Steven Hawking in Electric dreams
Drive me insane
Ikaka - furniture for landlords
I want a fat babe
Ringzilla - never miss a phone call
How many would it take? - am i hot or not parady
Ass kicking for sale
Jamie Oliver
Spank the monkey
Tampon Henge
Bin Laden has nowhere to run
NASA Fakes Moon Landing!
Create online
Men who look like Kenny Rogers
X-Box communicator
Buffy Swears
Teddy bear hub
Cute kittens
Sparkler bombs
Evil finder
404 page !JAVA! java on a 404 page? what is the web comming to?
Telesalesman counter script
The case of the stole hotel coathangers
Name that beard
Physics savvy?
More pylons...
Top Aussies
If Micro$oft had made Nmap
Mathematical LEGO Sculptures
Advertise that lemon
afl slime
Clone Jesus
Audiophile bullshit page
Weeble - He wobbles but he doesn't fall down
Gun cam - Do guns really cause violence?
Shit hot Graphics card
helenpowers.surf3.net vs helenpowers.surf3.net/helen.htm
Bud Monkey
Rave Captions - Totally brilliant.
The way of the stick
How the west wasn't won - Nafa history
Why we should attack Iraq
The Virtual Theremin
Independent Woman - Performed by Kittens
Chuck is your friend
Dictionaraoke The fun of karaoke meets the word power of the dictionary
Periodic table of funk
Spamwars Kill the evil spammer
Arnie prancs - Prank phone calls from Arnie
It hurts - Anoying backgrounds for your web pages
Swedish kids tv thing/a> - main site is also strange...Hogafflahage
How to write unmaintainable code
If adverts were honest
Gash or Tash
Jet photos - including a man getting sucked into a jet engine
The Moon is fake!
Shuttle on Ebay - got sent my way at about 1600hrs GMT on the day. Some people are quick!
LIFE as seen by cynical by Aliyaho Pearce
Gulf War 2 (aka World War 2.5
God Clarifies 'Do not kill'
Drugs tax
Cannot find weapons of mass destruction
USB toothbrush
Dancing bush
Ant City
Girls and Guns - Adult
Keep Calm! - have you run windoze update recently?
Speak and Spell!
Stoner mouse and other good pics on Disowned.net
Bart meets the internet
web cams - funk variety that you can move around
www.111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 .com - Falwell: "Jesus is Da BOMB!
Dick and Jane - not quite the stories I remeber
Bonsai Potato
iBonsai Kitten
How to party at the end of the world
Explicit thumbnails
Pacifism: lurid centerpiece of the homosexual agenda by GWB
Godly Tips on How to Punish and Beat Your Christian Child - and there are people who say religion doesn't have a place in modern society!
Things I've pushed through toast
Masturbation study
Auschwita - The sequal to Castle Wolfenstein
Cat getting caught in a fan
Thinking of moving house but that Hippo is just too much trouble?
NASA Anal probe chair
Nun Lander
School Photos online Find yuour old school pics.
Life explained
Plane angry wife not included
Hold the button - I was trying to resist adding this, but some many people emailed it to me I had to.
Lunch Clock
Adult Clown service
How to make a Starship Enterprise out of a floppy disk
Bar jokes
World Leaders sing Abba
The Iraq information minister provides your news.
Copter fun
6l toilet
Lemon mugs
Kill all cats
The matrix - Bastardized again
Coke or Cleaner?
Cheap Flat panel display Lego Rubik's cube solver
CatPrin - Dress me up! Please! Meow.....
How Jedi are you?
Linux v SCO explained
The 3rd Annual Nigerian EMail Conference
But I really loved that rabbit
The Duck tape club
Mini putt
Origami Boulder - Order your now!
Finally, confirmation of what we all new
On-line Orgasmic Simulation
Evolution of an Egg
Glasgow Survival Guide
Problems understanding your dog?
Prime number shitting bear
Web design
David Blaine tribute And a lot more exciting too!
The Brick Testament