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GM Crops
Why Genetically Engineered Food Does Not Feed the World
  • Intensifies corporate feudalism
    • corporate control of seeds through patents
    • corporate control of agriculture through microcredit schemes (small loans made to the poorest to get them to grow transgenic crops)
    • corporate control of world food prices(through buying cheap and selling dear, or undercutting farmers by subsidized dumping of surpluses)
    • farmers become increasingly indebted and poor
  • Undermines food security
    • obstructs implementation of sustainable agriculture
    • increase loss of agricultural biodiveristy on which food security depends
  • Reinforces social structures that create poverty
    • concentrates on cash crops for export
    • corporate control of world markets through WTO-TRIPs and other free-trade and investment agreements
  • Reinforces unsustainable practices that decrease yield and destroy land
    • dams for irrigation
    • heavy input of agrochemicals
    • over-mechanisation
GM Info
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Turning the Tide on the Brave New WorldThis paper explains the science and technology of genetic engineering to expose the misinformation and disinformation put out by the industry and their supporters.

The ISIS Open Letter from World Scientists to All Governments Concerning Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

Friends of the Earth Real Food site. Not just GM foods, but covers issues such as pesticides aswell.

ISIS (Institute of Science in Society) The best kept secret of GM Crops. Criticisms of T25 GM maize and the genetic stability of GM crops.

NewScientist articles on GM Foods

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GM Crop trampeling
Crop Trampeling in a field near Yeovil, Somerset