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Enviromental info
Rising Tide - Taking action on the root causes of climate change.

Reclaim the Streets

Climate Ark - Climate change and Renewable energy portal. Forest conservation portal - Vast Rainforest, Forest and Biodiversity Conservation News & Information

Eco-portal - An Information Gateway Empowering the Movement for Environmental Sustainability

Eco-Action - One thing that sets many anarchists apart from other revolutionaries is the belief that the revolution is not a grand apocalyptic moment that we must wait for. The revolution exists in every moment of our lives. When I get up in the morning and spend my day deliberately doing things that please me, when I strive to live instead of merely existing, that is the revolution happening. -Monkey

The Duty of CareThere is a law of social behaviour which must always apply, to any group of creatures, at any time; in the past, and in the present, and in the future; in any place, in any possible universe.

Envirolink - Enviromental Resources

Earth First! - "Remain a parasite OR become an earth warrior." - Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd.

EarthShip - Natural houses from recycled materials

Factory Watch - Friends of the Earth polluter finder. Find the worst polluter near you.

Campaigns and Protests
Protest.net - A worldwide protest information site.

Save Nine Ladies - The 9 ladies anti-quarry campaign. A long running protest to stop the expansion of Endcliffe and Lees cross quarries in a beautiful part of the Peak District.

Activist Handbook from the The Just Cause Law Collective. US specific, but the general information is realavent to all.

Disco Daves Tunnel Guide

Save Stonehenge - Stonehenge World Heritage Site threatened by roadbuilding scheme. "...barbaric... No other country in the world would contemplate treating a site which is a world icon in such a way." Lord Kennet

Totnes Genetics Group - Useful Links for Campaigners

Justice not Vengeance

Actavisits Legal Project - provides information about the law to people who are thinking of taking direct action, or who have taken direct action

StarHawk - author of The Spiral Dance, The Fifth Sacred Thing, and other books that link an earth-based spirituality to action to change the world.